Project Management Solutions


Welcome to Raven's Sun Management Inc. your Project Management Solutions provider of choice.

My name is Robert Gallant, and as owner and president, I encourage you to take some time to familiarize yourself with the wide variety of quality services provided by Raven's Sun Management Inc.Take a tour of this website and learn more about what Raven's Sun Management has to offer in Event Coordination, Social Action Initiatives, International Sustainable Development or other Specialized Services. Raven's Sun Management is pleased to offer these services in English, French and Spanish.

Event Coordination
Festivals, Conferences, Trade Shows, Media Conferences, Tournaments, Parties, etcetera. Raven's Sun Management has the expertise and experience to manage every aspect of your event including; logistics, communications, marketing, public and media relations, ticket and merchandise sales registration coordination and more. We will make whatever event you are hosting, a resounding success.

Social Action Initiatives
With extensive theoretical and practical experience in a wide-range of cutting edge social programming and non-profit management, Raven's Sun Management is the clear choice to provide the Project Development, Project Management, Project Evaluation, Fundraising Campaign or General Coordination Services your committee or organization is seeking.

International Sustainable Development
Practical experience, social and business expertise and language skills are just a few of the reasons selecting Raven's Sun Management will be a solid management decision. Services, designed to meet the complex necessities of International Development, include Project Management, Training Services, Infrastructure Development, Business Development, Project Evaluation and Project Development. In any social programming situation consistency and quality are essential to maintaining the trust and respect of the local environment, and Raven's Sun Management has the international experience and tools you need to succeed.

Specialized Services
Raven's Sun Management has the resources, capacity and flexibility to create the specialized services you require. A sampling of the areas we can meet your needs are Project Management, Academic or Business Research, Public Awareness Campaigns, Training Workshops, Evaluations, Proposal Writing, Public Relations and On-line payment services.